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 The MRC Clutch

Installation Instructions 
This site is for information only and Phaedrus Cycle LLC will not be liable for any damage of any kind arising from incorrect installation or adjustment. You agree that your use of this site and any information herein is at your sole risk.

  • Installation Instructions Important:
  • MRC Clutch must be installed by qualified Harley technicians only. Precise clutch adjustment is very important in the proper operation of the MRC Clutch. Take your time: Several adjustments may be necessary before you get it just right. Clutch cable free play must be run slightly tighter than stock. The MRC Clutch may not work effectively on bikes with aftermarket clutches, cables. Levers or grips.

    Installation Instructions: ‘87 later Big Twin Qualified Harley Technicians only

  • 1) Loosen clutch cable adjuster so cable is slack
  • 2) Remove transmission side cover per service manual instructions
  • 3) Remove stock ball & ramp assembly per service manual instructions & replace with MRC Clutch. Be sure to use the balls included in the kit (they are bigger in diameter)
  • 4) Reinstall transmission side cover with new gasket, re-fill with transmission fluid
  • 5) Remove derby cover & adjust clutch per service manual instructions - We recommend that the adjusting screw is backed out ¼ to ½ turn.
  • 6) Lube and readjust clutch cable
  • 7) Feel the difference & test ride
  • HD-0002
  • Installation Instructions: ‘94 later Sportsters & Buells Qualified Harley Technicians only
  • 1) Loosen clutch cable adjuster so cable is slack.
  • 2) Remove derby cover .
  • 3) Per Service Manual Instructions, remove stock ball & ramp assembly
  • 4) Remove retaining ring from stock ball & ramp assembly & install on MRC Clutch assembly.
  •  5) Install MRC Clutch (Be sure to use balls included in kit as they are larger in diameter).
  • 6) Adjust clutch - Back off adjusting nut ¼ turn.
  • 7) Lube & readjust clutch cable
  • 8) Test ride
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